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It goes with just about anything I wear.
Wonderful boxers
My new favorite wallet! So much smaller than a normal wallet
Adorable Purse!!
Perfect for Spring!!
Loved it!!
I moved from a metal money clip to this one, and I've been very satisfied. This one is much lighter and quite sturdy.
I've gone thru 2 gold wedding bands over the years. This tungsten band has the weight of a gold band but should last a lifetime from what I read. Looks and feels great! I'll give an update in 20 or 30 years.
This balaclava worked well on my snowmobile adventures last weekend. The temps were in the single digits, I wore this balaclava, a neck warmer and my helmet- all was good.
I have ordered 4 six-packs of these socks at different times. The first three orders were for the three color mix six-packs and all the socks were great and have held up well. The last order was for six white pairs, and they are all thin and flimsy. I regret that I recommended the socks to so many people after the first couple of orders. For 15 bucks, I might try again and see if the problem is fixed.
Two years ago, I had complicated foot surgery with a lot of metal fixtures left in my foot with enough stiches, our grandkids labeled it Franken Foot.

We have a great walking/running shoe fitting store, and when I started walking they fitted me with great shoes and sold me Balega socks.

Those socks fit great, but they have a lot of semi loose thread on the inside of the sock which didn't feel good. I used the Sean Connery system of tuning the socks inside our and wearing them. I had to do that with my second order.

These Balega's don't have that problem. They are comfortable all day with a couple of power walks. They wash great and air dry quickly.

I wished that they had brown colors.

If you have tender feet, buy these for walking and running. You will not be sorry.
Great fit exactly as listed
He has always been into space kid and just LOVES it....has not lost it yet so it is still good
awesome , looks and feels great
A little small
Order one size larger then your normal size. The actual size will fit but a little too snug for me. I ordered one size larger and they are just right.
These are super cute! They feel real too! I feel it gave me good energy when I needed the luck. Thank you for a great product.
The quality is just okay, but it provided the warmth I needed at that time.
Leather, thin and RFID protection. Couldnt ask for more.
I wear pretty much only Carrhart clothes.
I purchased the wallet because it was sleek and it had a change pouch. The change pouch is flawed because the wallet has to be placed in your pocket horizontal to stop the change from spilling out. The designers should create a zipper or a more effective method to keep the change in the pouch without it coming out.
Nice size
They look and feel really nice, the designs are really great.
Update Review - July 23rd, 2019

It's a pretty good for the price point not going to lie about that.
2 years later it's still usable despite one band slowly ripping, luckily they had included an extra band so I can keep using this for maybe another 2-3 years til the next one fails?

The flaw is the band but the price is likely low because its just rubber.

It fits my current 8 Cards (credit cards, membership cards, insurance cards) and all very sleek.
I'm not a cash carrying person usually have no cash or a 20 in case I'm going out.

The 4 star review change is mainly cause of the band failing in time, the band might have cut itself while putting it on since the corner is pointed. But because of that inevitably you'll have to buy another band find another wallet but at this price point I'd still recommend it over some cheapo pleather wallet that while it won't wrinkle with age it would be hella bulky and die in around the same time as this wallet.

Original Review - May 13, 2017
Much better than a traditional wallet if you are like me.
What I mean by that is I'm the guy to rarely carry cash or extra junk I don't need.
Sure I'll maybe carry two 20s when going out cause you never know when you might need actual cash but I have 2 debits, cards, a TAP Card for Metro, my workers ID, and my Driver's License. Back then it felt like I had a moose knuckle in my pocket now its just a very thin stack of cards and I MEAN THIN!

Also they need instructions on how to release the cards, I think the method currently is push them out half way to the cut part and it loosens them up enough so that you easily grab one in the middle but the way I do it is....
Push it up to the cut out, and press close the other half which opens up the cards like a fan or fins, then its easier to SEE and grab the card you need but the plus I've noticed is because there are so many cards in mine which is 5 but just enough that when I do it it push out the center card further out so I put my main debit card there and its basically a....

PUSH, POP, GRAB. I can do it pretty fast now too that I got some questions about my wallet at Walgreen's twice lol
Bought as a gift and he loves it
Nice product. It works well.
Beautiful!! Loved it!
After trying all of the other brands of wood sunglasses these fit the best and look the best! Highly recommend skipping all of the other brands and just stick with Woodies :)
Let me the fit
Awesome shorts, cant go past volcom for quality and comfort
https://www.tlcvip888.com/customshirtsgk41mq https://www.tlcvip888.com/produit385/Saucony-Originals-Shadow-Vintage-Baskets