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I had to wait till I tried them to review, after working 2-12hr shifts with these socks I can say they work great! Well worth the purchase!
Its a great shirt fits right and comfortable, I dont have any bad things to say about them
Be careful! They are too small. I have an average size but they look small in my face.
I use these for work and definitely would be ordering again.
Me gusto mucho
My Maui Jim Ho'okipa sunglasses are fine but the company does not stand behind their product. The lens coating is coming off and they won't do anything to help. MJ says the sunglasses have been subjected to salt water. Well yah they have. Just look at their ads and you will see that they allege their product is suitable for watersports. I don't know if the salt water caused the problem but I do know that I always rinse the sunglasses in fresh water and they are only really used in the summer which in Vancouver is only a few months long. Maui Jim has said no to any warantee claim and I am very dissatisfied. Beware.
Comfortable fit. Like most things that are white cotton, they absorb really well but can make your feet hot because there's no way for air to circulate. That could be my shoes though. Satisfied with the purchase. By the way, they clean up well washing on hot with a cup of bleach added before you add detergent. That keeps them nice and white.
My daughter loves it. Very light to carry
I love these glasses!
They fit comfortably over your glasses and provide perfect site at night and also when raining at night.

I just went on a trip I was driving on a rainy night on a very curvy highway and did great!

I highly recommend these glasses. A+
Great gaiter for cold weather, and as a dust mask for pollen I highly recommend this product!
Great bag for the price! Used it for a few weeks now to tote mail and laptop. Durable enough, compared to other bags in this price range, though I doubt it will last more than 2 years with regular use.
Each shirt had holes in the armpits after one wear. I returned and got a replacement set and they did the same thing
Ordered these for my boyf and he really likes them. They keep his feet dry and warm.
Its ok kinda flimsy in a way not like the other hats that stay firm . But can't complain because it is not heavy ,it feels fresh in a way. Only the logo came a bit unglued.
The silver clasp was broken from the ring. I fixed it as I wanted to wear it.
Written by my son in college:
The reason why I took a star off was because I would never use these sweat pants for working out or doing anything mobile. The fit on these is very weird, I am not sure the exact difference, but I have a different pair of under armour sweat pants and they have a completely different fit to them, so I don't enjoy moving around in these, but as a loungin around pant these are fantastic! The fleece is very soft, and the pants are long enough to reach all the way down to my ankles to keep them warm which is another plus(I am 6ft 2in). The pants are also very easy to clean up and don't stain easily(a plus for enjoying your favorite flavor of messy ice cream on the couch). Overall I love these pants for those lazy days, just not for exercising or getting house work done.
Never thought I would buy "expensive" underwear. Now I will probably never buy anything but high dollar underwear. Feels great!
Love my bag! I am a scribe and I use it to carry all of my things in. Very durable!
It was good. The shirt was a bit loose. But overall good fit. I got the colour i wanted. And the material was nice too.
Supple soft leather, great feel to it. It was a xmas gift and the recipient loved it! Would buy again and again!
Update briefly
1. I returned the initial wallet, and ordered different version.
2. At the same time, they shipped another wallet with different leather
3. Now I am returning the 2nd wallet due to the poorly finished glue ruining my credit card after being stuck inside the easy pull slot for some time.
4. I am changing my rating from 2 to 5 stars only due to their service.

I had a such high expectation for this wallet since I had been using my phone case as my wallet for so many years.
I read and watched bunch of wallet reviews and finally decided to make a purchae.
The biggest feature that attracted me in this wallet was so-called "front easy access" slot.
When I received the wallet last Friday, I inserted my most favorite card into this slot.
Disappointingly, the card just would not come out because the slot was way too tight.
When I finally got the card out of ths slot, I was even more disappointed to see the thumb area being scratched all over.
I am now seriously considering if I should go back to a phone case that has wallet....
great shorts just about a half size small , not bad
Fits right and works well in the sun!
Fit great and comfortable
I purchased these underwear for my son. He likes the elastic that is in the legs that prevents them from riding up. Great colors!
Build quality isn't great but overall satisfied.
Nice material, dries quickly. Even though it is longer than I am used to, it feels very comfortably in the water. Drawstring works well and pockets work well. Very pleased so far although I've only had it for one week.