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Hard to find lighter colors in zip hoodies. Great for spring.
My husband loves it. He always used it when he was snowblowing during this terrible winter.
Good shirt for the money. I love the feel and color, but I wish it was more fitted around the lower area. I'm 5'10 200lbs average build and large fits well.
It's a little sporty for the average workday at the office but great for other uses.
In the interest of full disclosure I got this with a coupon for only $3. Its a very minimalist wallet, I carry 10 cards between my work key card, credit cards and business cards. Then maybe 6-7 bills. If you carry less than that I think the rubber band will be a little loose. It does come with 2 bands and I am using the tighter of the two so I have no idea who uses a Minimalist wallet and carry's 15+ cards and lots of cash but maybe you are out there. Its a little difficult to get your cards out, when you push from the side you get a few at one time so if the one you want is in the middle its a little bit of a pain. Also when you put the card back I feel it scratches the cards a little but haven't had an issues. I was using a woman's hair rubber band before so its a step up for me.
I bought my first pair of these boxers in 2005. I felt the price was a bit high, but I was going on a trip and wanted to cut weight as much as possible; the wash and dry overnight feature was my initial attraction. After putting on that pair the next day, I was back in the shop to buy four more pairs. These are far and away the lightest & most comfortable shorts I had ever worn.

I've worn boxers my entire adult life, from cotton (too heavy and scratchy) to silk (nice feel, but they don't last). ExO has the comfort and lightness of silk while holding up better than cotton. Of the five original pair, eleven years later, I am still wearing three. Two have been retired because I had put on close to fifty pounds and stretched the elastic beyond its recovery. I've since lost the weight and the other three still fit. None have worn out or torn. Yes, there is some pilling of the fabric as I've seen others mention as a negative in their reviews, but this has not in any way affected the comfort or quality of these boxers. Besides, this is underwear, and (usually) the only other person that sees them is the ol' lady.

I just purchased three pair and, while I can feel a difference between the older and the new when I first put them on, later in the day, I cannot tell the difference. I had purchased several sets of boxers, made of similar material, from another manufacturer, but the ExO's are the more comfortable, IMO. The others have a thicker and heavier waistband that feels a bit restrictive at times. The others also had a button fly which I found to be a pain; the buttons were cut off early on, but the 'barn door' tends to hang wide open. This has never been an issue for me with the ExO shorts.

Buying shorts has become easy for me... my only decision is color because I'll never again buy boxers that aren't Ex Officio's
I bought these to replace a 20 year old pair I'd recently lost. Aside from needing minor adjustments for individual fit, these are better than I expected! I'll be buying more of these, just in case!
Love it
Update... three month review
Still The most exceptional designed wallet.
The stitching has held up fine.
The Buffway is well made.
The only issue... the corners lose their color.
This is genuine leather, but it isnt dyed in color. Kinda painted on. So the corner color will wear off after reasonable use with in a few months. It is not a terrible thing, but one should be aware. Then again it is only $12.99.
The design, as I have stated, is the best.
I would gladly pay three times more for real leather that would wear-in like real leather does.
I still have to give it 5 stars
- - -
Fits the bill... Pun intended.
Ive had by credit card (folding) wallet for now 20 years. It fits everything I need. Medic Alert info card, A few credit cards, license, health care card & a few secret places for some cash. It had its better day. But just couldnt find the right replacement.
But I think I have. Needed a see-thru pocket for my Medical card. Most people might use it for a license. This Buffway holds it all in just the right places. You can add a little cash in the middle pocket along with a seldom use card. And for my hidden $... A couple of 50s, fits perfectly in the 3 pocket side..
Take a piece of masking tape on the top of the bill, so the credit card doesnt catch going into the pocket. You never know when a little cash is needed.
The complaint...the stitching looks like it coming apart on the 3 pocket side. We will see how it holds up. The Buffway imprint is not level. Looks a little cockeyed.
(Awful name for a product.)
But the thumb push on the 3 pocket side for the card you use the most make this wallet a winner.. This aint Coach Leather.
At $12.99 you cant go wrong. 5 Stars
Love this purse just what I was wanting
I wear these more than I did my Gunners.
I work in construction and wear a hardhat all day. Summertime here in Texas is brutal! These have worked amazing in keeping sweat out of my eyes! Really easy to put on and take off! They dry quickly. Love em!!
It holds a lot of stuff.
Good quality material, just wish it had a few more places to put cards
Product came but I received 2 pairs of the wrong size
It couldnt be any better, my boyfriend loves this. It has a lot of room for all his cards and is very stylish without being too bulky.
Dickies has never failed me. These pants are perfect for what I want and need. I've been using dickies for 6+ years, I love them.
I did not find this making any significant difference in making night driving safer.
Bought this wallet as a gift for my son in law. It was exactly the slim style of wallet he wanted. He especially liked that the ID pocket is on the outside of the wallet. This is the second one he has owned and would buy it again.
Nice sunglasses, they came with a very nice carry case.
So far they are great
Pouch......must be designed for men with small parts as these underwear are very restricting and tight in the pouch area. Do not waste your money if you are a real man.
The lens that were in the glasses when they were shipped is the only lens that fits the glasses. All the other lens are too short to fit into the frame. I wore the glasses for over a month, then I switched to the polarized lens when I realized something was wrong, checked the other ones and they don't fit either! Looks like it was done on purpose, but who knows! NOT A GOOD BUY WITH ONLY ONE LENS THAT FITS
These shorts are alright. They are comfortable. They do not seem like they will last a long time though but the price is cheap, so kind of expected with an Amazon brand.
Needs a few washing's to soften, new fabric is itchy.
I bought this hoodie because I wanted one with a zipper. I have a regular Hanes hoodie that I really like, but this one is not the same. The material is thinner and not as warm. They are both Hanes Ecosmmart, but they are not the same quality.
You will have no complaints with these socks. They are quality made and just as advertised.
The glasses are exactly how they looked on the picture, i wish they were darker though!
Always good quality
Not my material choice and NO fly