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Got them as a gift and they were a big hit! They look great and work well.
Impossible, I could not put the trunks on. The mesh lining did not line up with the trunk leg openings, twisted. The mesh lining openings were located front and back rather than the typical side to side locations. They are currently repackaged and on a one-way trip back. Hello, Incredible quality control, or lack of.
The backs do screw on, but my daughter lost a back in the first month. So now she can not wear them.
Great necklace. My daughter gave the other half to her BF. They loved it!
Very comfortable and stylish beanie!
The price was great and they arrived before the arrival date! I'm satisfied.
Runs small.
Son said they were great, was very happy with these.
The crossbody bag is very well made, was an excellent buy and the service could not have been better.
Great 2-in-1 bag to use for summer/winter. Easy to turn inside out and very durable!
What a good idea. I am always losing my glasses or tossing them haphazardly around. Now they have a place by my nightstand and on my desk at work (I bought two!). They are protected in the fur pouch with little chance of getting scratched. Thank you for the great service.
Bag arrived with a hole/ not attached to seam of zipper. Makes bag useless... it will only rip more.
They seem to run a little small. I have wide set. Quality seems good!
Purchased this for my daughter's 9th birthday, within 3 days the color changed and one of the charms fell off. It's a pretty bracelet but not even worth the price. Only reason for the one star is because I had no other choice.
I love this purse! The color is great! Its not too bold so it can be used with any outfit. There is tons of space and pockets! The only thing I wish it did is allow for the short handles to lay down without pushing them down. Other than that I think its made very well and isnt going to fall apart in just a few moths.
So good
Luckily I tried this through Amazon wardrobe. I chose the black purse and I was so excited to receive it. The front design is not how it is looks in the pictures. The size of the purse is what I wanted. BUT I am not paying $68 for something that im guessing is a fake, when I can go to the sak's website and buy it for $1 more than this right now. (I looked at their website after receiving this purse and found that out) I received it yesterday and will be sending it back. The design on it is barely there. And when compared to the sellers picture, what little you can see is close but it's not the same. And reading other reviews it looks like it isn't durable.
My husband shockingly loves these undershirts. He wears them under his polo for work and loves the material! They washed very nice too.
Aching feet
Great shorts for the price!
Got them and tried them on before washing. Could barely get them on. I have a size 9 foot. I asked before ordering what the country of origin was and was told it was US. They are made in china. Not going to waste my time with them. Just gave them to a shelter.
Nice shirts, good price.
These socks are awesome. I have laundered them at least 8 times and they still feel like they are brand new and have never been worn.
Great quility
Was much smaller and tighter than expected. Also, has tag warning it was made from materials that are known to cause cancer. A handbag is something you touch inside and out and hang on your body. No thank you.
My toddler loves these but one of the earrings came without the back piece so she cant wear that pair. Slightly disappointing but i figure theyll get lost or something eventually so not a huge deal
Just what it says. Very good.
Great purchase! I bought these as a Christmas gift for my three-year-old daughter and they were her favorite (and least expensive!) present. The earing pads solved the problem of sharp pinching pain typical of clip-on earrings and the earrings are cute as a button. Great buy!
You pay for what you get. Not bad quality but not super well made either.
Comfortable and well constructed. Fit as expected