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Day one and the shortest chain began to unravel. Shame! It's so pretty.
I have another anti-theft backpack that I've been using and liking for awhile, but it's a plain gray and I wanted something a little more colorful and cute to switch things up on occasion...when I saw this, I thought it would be perfect. Upon arrival, though, I immediately noticed that the colors weren't quite as bright and saturated as in the product photos, and when I opened it up to start putting my wallet and other items into it, I noticed that the zipper pocket was different than the one on the backpack I currently have. My current backpack has an upside-down U-shaped zipper pocket, allowing you to unzip it and have almost full access to the contents, while this one's more like an upside-down L from which you can only open and access the contents from the top and one side. I stuff my purses/backpacks pretty full and like to be able to get to everything easily, so this was a no-go for me...combined with the less-colorful-than-expected print, and I had this back in the box to return within ten minutes of receiving it.
What some people don't realize is that a ratchet belt that is fairly wide gives great back support, because you can pull it as tight as you want. If you're unfamiliar with the release mechanism, remember that it isn't a sliding button, but a lever on a swivel. Lift the rear of the lever to release the belt. Practice this a few times before you have to go to the bathroom or you might be sorry.
Nice fit for big n tall
Super cute and fossil wallets last forever!
It does allow for a more condensed wallet, but it is a little difficult to remove credit cards. I will probably not use it much
I surprised my daughter with this Aviator and she was in all happiest and contempt with these sunglasses. I highly recommend it.
Very nice compering price and quality.
Nice shirt for the price and fits well.
The straw is very brittle so you have to handle it with extreme caution. I do love the way it shaded my face.
I love these sunglasses they are super affordable. I use these everyday for driving the tint is perfect as I can see clearly and its perfect for blocking the sun also they are light weight and very comfortable!!!
4 stars for will give more details after I've had them awhile. They work just as good as jublo glacier glasses at 1 /8 of the cost. I've ridden 3 times so for and no issues. They seem sturdy again time will tell and are more stylish than the K D sunglasses I've worn for decades. If they last a whole year i will be making another purchase.
Bought the belt for my husband and he loves it! He's been wearing it for a month now and he says that the belt does not stretch and keeps his pants where they need to be.
Great product
Strong and sturdy belt. Handsome, too.
My daughter loved her birthday present perfect
These socks shed lint like crazy! My son gets black lint balls all over his room and he cant stand it. I even washed them inside out to try to get rid of all the lint but didnt help. They also stretch out and get loose after wearing. Poor quality imo.
I love my Fruit of the Loom underwear. No matter what type I buy from them the quality I always reliable.
So beautiful and works good with all cell phones.
As always my go to was comfortable and a perfect fit. I would recommend.
garter easily worn out.
Very good for wearing under other clothing.
Good hankies, good price.
Helped out riding in the snow
Great fit and comfort.
This is the second one I've purchased. For me, this is the best billfold ever made, period!
like the stile
A bit small, as a big guy who wears xxl I would say get one to two sizes bigger. Spend your money on Columbia or maybe Targets brand.
I love my purse lots of room and compartments I have 2 now one black and 1 brown I can change whenever I want too !