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I didnt like it at all. Shipped it back next day. I thought it would be padded for a laptop and have more room.
Really great customer service love the glasses just what I wanted. Will definitely be buying them again
Pieces of belt kept breaking off at belt buckle and the belt would come apart. This happened many times. Would not buy again.
I've had 3 of these wallets so far and I can speak from serious experience that these are the best looking, feeling, and budget friendly wallets on the market. Any time I pull my VaultSkin out I get compliments and questions about the sleek nature of my card carrying beauty. The leather is of good quality and ages nicely after some time and I by no means handle my wallets softly. Additionally the smart pull tab strap has never failed me and always provides a satisfying feeling anytime I'm ready to bring a card out from the main middle compartment. The leather stretches nicely to accommodate to the number cards you have and the absolute beauty in design is simple yet elegant and modern. I enjoyed the fact that there's no name branding anywhere but rather a great looking engraved logo at the bottom center of the front of the wallet. I have absolutely no doubt that this wallet will become my daily driver for as long as they are made available. Get one, you won't regret it and if you do the customer service is amazing from these guys.... seriously.
I loved the bracelet, beautifully packaged and good quality. But a little tight. Leaves indent on my wrist. Nevertheless, it's a great bracelet and definitely real stones. And there are 7pcs bracelet. I can send it to my friends. Economical set. Looks awesome.
Excellent product. Excellent price.
Well packaged and looked just like the photo
Great quality, color, look, feel and everything else. A little stuff, but I recommend it.
These are very thick comfortable socks.
Fit great, durable pants that last and last. Bought these to replace a pair that got ink stains on them.
funny and right of the money, for my family anyway. small American company. everbody buy one or ten.
Very good
Nice quality...
So I wear a 32x32 jean, and these in a Large (recommended waist 36) fit me like a glove. I don't think this means I should be wearing a 36, as I have purchased dress pants quite recently at 32 which fit me fine. These perhaps fit a bit small, or are very forgiving in terms of size.

Anyway, the fabric is super soft and smooth. It's a bit disconcerting at first, really, but you quickly grow accustomed to it. The waist and leg don't ride during normal daily use, which is great. I also like that the Under Armour branding is basically invisible on the waistband, since it is black on black fabric.

The only thing I disliked about these underwear was the ridiculous tags sewn into the inside. There are two, and they are made of that sort of almost-paper plasticky fabric that definitely would be irritating if you left it in. Cutting them off still left a bit of the tag, as well.

All in all, though, these are some pretty darned nice underwear.
I love these earrings but the problem is one was broken when I opened the package. I love them so much Im going to try and get some super glue and fix them. I wish they would use a little more craftsmanship and their work.
Glad for the bulk pack!
very bad quality.
Package was partially open when it arrived. Luckily there was no damage. Satisfied with the product.
Best pair of legging. Ordering all colors
This bag rocks! I took it on my journey to Barcelona, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. After hearing all the talk about pick pockets, slashed bags and ridf scanners, I wanted to be prepared. While my journey was safe and I had no issues, you also need to be smart! Don't leave the bag unattended and lock the pockets when you can. Don't swing the bag over your back where you can't see it either.

The bag has a nice lengthy outside pocket with a lock. I used this for my cash as it made for quick and safe access. The two front button pockets close with magnets. I used these for lip gloss, a pocket mirror, ticket stubs, pocket maps and hand sanitizer. The bigger part of the bag has slots for your credit cards, passport, cell phone and two pens. It also has a zippered pocket inside. This bag was not small for me, as some of the other reviews mention but I also don't keep a lot of crap I don't use in my purse. I did fit the necessary items mentioned above plus a rolled up canvas shopping bag, sunglasses and the occasional pastry or bottle of beer. This locks too. It fits plenty! You don't want to carry a ton of stuff while exploring anyways. The back pocket fit my Kindle HD and larger city maps and tickets. The bag is durable, holds up well if a bit of water splashes on it and is comfortable on your shoulder. This travel bag will now become my daily bag. I got brown (see picture). Buy this for peace of mind when traveling, be smart and aware and have an amazing journey!
I bought it as a face covering while at work during the Covid-19. We have to wear face coverings and I wanted something more comfortable than the cheap masks that we had available to us. It is way more comfortable. The best thing is that it fits great under my hard hat with no issues. My safety glasses dont fog up with this mask either. It also helps keep me warm on my cold graveyard shifts.
Thank you so much for a great product.
Good buy for the price. the pants are way to long! I am 5-5 and definitely can not wear them as they are. Just not sure what to do with them yet.
Fit perfectly! Very soft, not too thick, but very warm
Perfect. Saved me a trip to Walmart.
The Fitting is Good but the quality of the product is not up to par. Material could be a lot better. I have used Hanes underwears before and they are definitely not like this.
Dear sir, I have big concern as it I suppose to be plorized but it is not. This is not as written in the product. I need clarification.