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Mine came today, two day shipping over the weekend USPS. Mine have "Made in Italy"... the real deal. 55mm is a good fit and I would not have wanted smaller. I'm very satisfied even though at first I was skeptical based on false statements made. Yay Raybans!!
Very comfortable !
Shirts sized right. Also wash well and hold their shape.
Fits perfectly.. keeps the package nice and cool!
I love this bag. It's unbelivable with all the compartments.
great quality
I will guy again
well made
well priced
Not worth buying
Excellent service and shipping was fast....i love my purchased items.
Great chef pants my boyfriend loves them for work. Need to buy more.
Ordered this for a smaller purse to carry. I like all the separate compartments. Just enough room for what I need.
These were beautiful for about two weeks and then all the gold rubbed off. Very disappointed in this product.
Great looking shirt.
Fast shipping. Really nice leather men's wallet.
I had to send these back, i did not realize just how small they were
The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that I can't close and lock the wallet if I put my iPhone 6S in it. My phone has a case on it to protect it from damage if I drop it. I was hoping it would fit in the wallet pocket with the safety case on, it does but won't lock. Aside from that the wallet is beautiful & soft with plenty of room for everything else.
Ive been using this new wallet for only a few days now, and I just love it. I bought it to replace the last wallet I had for twenty-five years. I wanted something that offered RFID protection. It looks great. It fits well in my back pocket next to my inhaler. My cards fit snug, but not overly tight. I like it that way. As far as how long it will last, well I cannot say yet. I will update if things change.
Quality less than expected
I originally bought these for my husband. And it turns out they didnt fit his face well. He has a more narrow face. I tried them on and he said Well shoot they look good on you, keep em. I was more than happy to do so. They came on time, and were well packaged. I plan on buying another pair for my husband.
Pleased with the priduct
Genuine RayBan glasses. Bought these for my wife and she loves it.
These seem to be a bit smaller than the sane size set I got at *&^(*#^ retail store. A bit on the small size. I'd recommend you buy bigger than you think you need.
Very good looking bracelet . Brought these as gifts so I can only comment on how they look and feel, which is great!
It's OK. A little shorter than I'd like.
Great t-shirt. I hate when a shirt you like ends up being too short after being washed. These have a little extra length, so if youre at the gym doing exercises that involves stretching above your head, youre still covered.
Too darn bulky, I wish this thing was slimmer, like the size of a credit card in width.
It's so big and bulky.
Love it!
Good price and fast delivery