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Very nice key chain!
Dislike didnt fit tooo small
Great belts...got them yesterday...I am back to order more...that said, I don't know how well the buckle will hold up...I have stepped on the metal ones which bent them closed..had to pry them back open...these are some sort of plastics so there will be just a snap if they give under my weight time will tell
Good size fits well in front pants pocket or shirt pocket. I use it to carry my backup credit card and cash when I travel. Made from nice materials but nothing fancy
Came on time and super cute!!!! Just like the picture and has Lots of card slots and big pocket for money. Love the grey color and adjustable strap. Perfect phone size. I can fit the iPhone X
My first pair of these sunglasses lost a screw and one lens became loose. The seller replaced the defective sunglasses under their warranty without trouble. The replacement pair are holding up better.
These are great fitting and look great. If you have a "ehhhm" a bigger package they fit very well and very comfortable.
Nice work shirt but very long. Otherwise fit is perfect.
It okay. Very well constructed out of the finest materials, just not what I wanted. My fault. It is a great wallet.
I was very disappointed in them because they are so very thin, after they were washed.
Rough as sandpaper, fit is awful, I won't even use these as rags.
Very cute!
Poor quality, don't waste your money on these.
Good product
This is a cute bathing suit, fits well, just wish it was a little wider in the butt. Not super toddler appropriate, but not outrageous either. My daughter is inbetween 3t and 4t and I got the 4t. Washed and dried and it came out the same. Top fits perfect, bottoms fit perfect even though I'd prefer them a little wider
The fabric is very thin. I expected something a little more substantial.
What u c is what u get
Nice tho
Love my new bag !
I wanted a purse that doesn't have to be put away for the summer or season. This can go year round
Eshades a great seller shades are authentic comes with case card warranty cloth and clg code to verify I can't lie i was skeptical
Love ut
Nice item for the price, very soft.
I like the color the dark black for the lens but what i dislike is the light weight for the arms its very thin and light can be broken easily so i am not satisfied
Nice stadium bag well made good size can fit all your items.
So far, so good. Seem to be holding up well.
I recommend.

Strong material, adjustable, very strong clasps.

Trying this as new idea to keep the back tension free. I notice that wearing a belt can pull the spine uneven, can press on the muscles.
Suspender will keep the waist loose, perfect movement of the joints, muscles.
hopefully amazon will approve of this message
these braces are the best i've ever had.
The hardware is excellent
less expensive suspenders, will wear out and leave you hanging.
I have worn these till the clasps are rusted and they still hung on .
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