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The necklace was a gift for my sisters birthday. The necklace was stunning and the box it shipped with for gifting was pretty, too. I dont know if it comes in other stone colors, but I would buy more in multiple colors, if it did.
This gets a 3 star rating because it shrank so much in the wash that it became unwearable. I take a small, and after washing, the small became skin tight. So I got the medium, and the sleeves shrank so much I cant wear them in public. And, (personally, I thought I would try something new. But Im just not a V neck type of guy.)
Love this bag. Very light weight, useful size and great feel. I wanted a small bag to take with me on vacation, and this worked beautifully. May consider buying another one in another color
I was able to fit a small water bottle in main compartment, and still had room for a small wallet and other items.
Perfect as expected fit. Pockets are deep enough and are very comfortable.
Not working too much...
This was the third package of these socks that I have bought. I won't buy anything else. They stay up, are very comfortable without being constricting on my ankles like some other socks. I wear these every day and a couple of my old ones were starting to wear a bit on the heels, like socks do after many months, so I bought more.
Thank you for this awesome product at a great price. One of my daughter's friends did not have a graduation gown, cap, or tassel for her High school senior graduation, so we had to hurry up and find her one. We were super fortunate to find this one and at an amazing price (less than half what the ones through the school cost). Thank you again!!
Buckle always coming undone.
Fit good but the first time I put them on was hard. Seems to help and they feel good.
This Comfort Click Adjustable Leather Belt has some positive and negative qualities. The belt, by its nature and design, needs to be sized and cut. There are markings on the back of the belt that run from 28 to 38. The 4-step instructions with illustrations indicated that I should cut the belt 2 above my waist size (if you have a 32 waist, cut at the 34 marking). I cut mine with a sturdy pair of scissors without much trouble. Once cut, I had to secure the leather belt portion to the buckle by first lifting up the buckle lock tab, slipping in the cut portion of the belt so it was flush with the buckle, and then pushing down on the tab so that the jagged teeth closed onto the belt. This part was difficult and a negative. I had to use both thumbs on the tab and really bear down so that the teeth would bite into the belt properly. After attaching the belt to the buckle, I tried to slip it on like a normal belt, but the leather portion tended to slip behind the buckle, which was another negative.

Once I threaded the belt through the buckle, however, the magic started. I gave it a pull and heard a series of satisfying clicks as the belt adjusted to the correct size. Once sized, it held firmly in place. Taking it off was very easy and only needed a lift of the buckle. Im very pleased by how this belt functions.

In terms of appearance, the belt is attractive and understated. The buckle is not too shiny, which is another plus for me. I got mine in the navy blue color, which pairs well when Im wearing tucked in blue shirts. I dont have blue shoes, but I imagine that the muted quality of this belt would work well with most navy color footwear.
These are the perfect jeans. Great fit, and excellent durability, they simply can't be beaten for the price. These are the jeans that I will be wearing for years to come.
I like these, but I thought the lenses would be a bit more darker to prevent all that light from coming in. They are also a bit loose on me and I have a small head.
i'm 1.73 and bought small ones and there huge
The real deal Ray-Bans. Well made, quality sun glasses. I've only taken them down a notch because they aren't as dark as some other Ray-Bans I've had in the past. However, I'm finding they are still OK for driving and walking.
Slim and holds everything I need. No more butt pain too!
Love the silver ones
Little hard to get cards out if they are thicker but good stuff.
love the feel of the leather, it is a perfect purse for traveling and putting in that stuff that needs taking also

Bag color is exactly as pictured- super pale pink
its buttery soft but sturdy
I buy a lot of jujube bags and I feel this is just as good quality.
holds all my baby essentials including my mom things such as my wallet. I have a toddler and a newborn
color goes great with the itzy ritzy paci holder!
not too large not too small. I wanted something smaller than a BRB but bigger than a MiniBe and this was it!!
only down fall Is the straps, they slip down. I need to buy something so they stay even and tight.

I want the yellow but I dont *need* it. Im having a REALLY hard time not buying another One of these!!!!
Love these socks! They fit great and don't make my feet smelly. Will buy again!
I realize the price is nice, but the poor quality is a blemish on the Columbia name. My husband has had this wallet for about a week and it is already coming apart! Very disappointed :(
My son loves these sunglasses. They are even cooler in person. I wish I had bought them for myself.
I got this for my wife this past Christmas... here we are about three months later and not one, but two straps have broken off the bag. Past any return time so now its basically useless garbage. I would not buy this!
great purse
Very comfortable! I wear them for work and they are very durable. Thanks
Nice looking wallet except for the fact it's falling apart already just over a month later. Poor warranty as the seller won't except returns just over 30 days later. I'd avoid if you are looking for a wallet that lasts more than a few days.
As someone who usually falls in-between sizes, the large suited me fine. A tiny bit loose in the waist (I usually wear a 34 in shorts/pants) but a good length and enough space in between. Colors are nice, designs are attractive but not garish (I actually got the mixed navy when Vine specified the mixed purple, but I doubt this will be a problem for paying customers). Have put them through a few machine wash/dry cycles thus far and they aren't showing any signs of wear.

The lack of a dangling tag in the back is a very nice feature, too. Add it all up for at or below the best price for boxers I can find at a store in my area, and these are a great buy.
These are soooo soft and look great. Husband says they ride up a little when he wears them to walk the golf course, but he hasn't had any issue wearing them during a normal day. He likes them enough to wish all his underwear was this nice.
they fit well but one lens is loose and you can see where it doesn't meet the frame.