adidas shoes with sock



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Love the anti theft features, rfid,slash proof..plenty of room for essentials.
terrible material, gave them away, never used once opened
They fit great. The size chart was very helpful.
This seems like a decent shirt. After reading the reviews I wasn't sure whether to order an xl or 2xl. I usually get a 2xl but everyone said go down a size so I got xl. I'm 6'0 tall and 240. It could be a tiny bit longer or I could lose 10 pounds.
Theyre not too heavy of material. Just exactly right for the size and the weight of the shorts!
My girlfriend lives this . She get compliments every where she goes. One of the bow strings broke 4 months after I bought it . And the company replace the necklace for free. I would definitely buy from them again.
Large for my pockets (women's jeans) but has decent texture even after washing
Very happy
Excellent lightweight socks that are perfect for summer or warm weather climates. Probably won't last as long as a thicker sock but these appear to be well made and these are very comfortable. For thicker socks that's perfect for colder weather/climates look at the Kold Feet Men's Athletic 6-Pair Solid Crew Sock Large White.

I wear a size 12 shoe an the heel lines up perfectly for me with these socks.
Love them
Good quality for the price
I absolutely loooooove my earrings. I have gotten so many compliments on them. Ill definitely be buying some more soon!
Fit creat last a long time and your feet don't smell even after a hard day
Nice shirts and good price. Seem to be very good quality, as they have held up well.
Exactly what I wanted
Nice for the price
Really like the purse and the ONLY thing I would change is the buckle on the front. I don't know why I thought it snapped under the front little strap but it's a buckle like a belt. BEAUTIFUL leather and workmanship! I'm keeping the purse and will use it for years to come I'm sure! Gorgeous and really worth a lot more than $40. Nice thick rich leather and as mentioned in other reviews it smells. :-) It's a gamey smell that I hope will dissipate with time. I did wipe my purse down with mink oil hoping that would 'tame' the smell a little since I'm planning on taking it to work tomorrow (hope my coworkers don't run me out of the office!) :-)

Update: Day 7 and still the smell is terrible. I have rubbed down with mink oil and coconut oil per the recommendation of a user when I "asked a question". This bag has been hanging outside in my screened in back porch of my house. I hate to say it but unless something changes very quickly, I'll be trying to find a place to "gift" the bag. I cannot use it with this smell and I am so disappointed.
Everyone that comes to my house and goes out on the back porch has asked me if something died out there???? My son makes leather belts and such and even he said the leather should have stopped smelling by now.
Again I am really disappointed in this bag. It's unusable at this time.

Update: Day 8 and it's going to Goodwill. I don't see anywhere on the Seller's page to contact them and this bag still smells horrible (like a dead animal and I don't even want to think about that). I wanted to contact the seller and ask for recommendations about the smell but I do not see a place to contact them so this bag is going to be donated (makes me sick I wasted $40) and hopefully someone can hang it outside in their barn or somewhere like that and use it. The smell is not going away and makes me sick to my stomach every time I get a whiff of the purse. I hate to say it but I would not buy from this seller again - the leather is beautiful but the smell makes me wonder what on earth it is.
My friend loves her bracelets I got her for Christmas. She wears them all the time. Love these Bracelets
I bought it for my husband. He likes that it has more cars areas than his old one. It was a little darker as shown in the photo, but I guess its because of photography lighting. It had a few scratches when we got it. Would test it out and give an update soon.

Update: Magnet not strong enough to hold more than 12 properly so be careful.
Nice fit
Looks as it does in the picture!
Mi producto no me llegado an y ya lo pague y me sale que ya fue entregado y no lo he recibido
Nice sweatshirt - very soft - well made - the problem is cut very small - thought 4xl would fit way too small - the 4xl is cut like a 2XL
This is a decent, hot weather shirt. Made of a 'nylon'? material it's very light weight. Also because it no 'physical' tag you don't have to worry about skin irritation on the back neck. Regarding sizing, as recommended by some reviewers, I went one size DOWN from my normal size. Excellent advice! Normally I'm a 'medium' but the 'small' fit me perfectly.
Very comfortable fit for me. Smooth and soft on the bridge of your nose and temples. Nice snug fit ,subtle camo design with the Oakley emblem accent. At a fair price and fast delivery.
Love it. Exactly as it is pictured. Durable, fun, light and plenty of room and pockets for my things.
The correct size, material, great price and fast delivery!
Very happy as i have come to expect this quality from Columbia.
I really wanted to love this sweatshirt based on the weight of it, softness, and value. Unfortunately I'm a bigger guy 6'1 @ 240. I like my hoodies to fit loose so I buy up one size ( 3x in hoodie and I'm a 2x in most everything else ) ... What I noticed with Hanes is they only seem to increase the body of the hoodie , the arms and hood itself seem to be " standard " sizing ... So what you get is a good good fit in the body but arms that are too tight and short and a hood that is tight in the neck and so small it looks ridiculous , half my head is still sticking out ... ( I returned my Hanes " nano " hoodie for the same reason ... Hey Hanes , big guys are often big all around ... Were not all little guys with beer bellies. I'm sure the sharing of sleeves and hoods works for Medium to Large but it's a failure going Medium to 3x ...
The two most correctly proportion brands for me are Russell and Gildan...