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cell phone pocket is a handy feature
Just what I was looking for
Way under size....
Perfect and what a great price
This is a sweatshirt. Nothing spectacular or enthralling about it, just an article of clothes to wear in cool weather. It seems to be well constructed and the material is not to thin.

As with many XL items I purchase they seem to think that the average XL man is some fat, chunky and corpulent beast in need of extra room for his big beer gut. Well, Im not that guy.... yet!!! That is the main reason I like cotton articles of clothes because a little hot water wash and hot dry will shrink most oversized pieces of clothes down to the right size and this one is no different. (Im 62 and just over 200)

I bought these for work and I like them because they dont overburden my wife with excessive ironing just wash, dry, fold and wear pretty low maintenance. Buy one, or two, or, like me, three you wont be sorry.
I like this wallet. In keeping it and using it. I need to say that first just because I rated it 3 stars.

I like the look, the feel, the design, the money clip. I love the outside slot. Everything you see in the pictures I like. It's a very functional wallet.

While it's very functional, I don't think it's very efficient. Hence the 3 stars.
Nothing about this wallet feels slim. My last wallet was not as big in dimensions, and much slimmer when filled with the same items.
I liked the money clip, the outside card slot, and the RFID blocking features which is why I bought it and kept it.

But it just isn't slim on any level. It's the same size as any typical bifold wallet.
I also think the slots for cards aren't as accessible as they should be. That might change as the wallet breaks in and softens. But I find accessing any of the cards not easy. Plus, the design of where the card slots are is very cool, but I think it adds to the wallet not bring very slim as the edges of the card slots stack upon each other and make it thicker than it needs to be.

But again, I do overall like the wallet and am keeping it. I just don't think selling it as a slim wallet is an accurate description.
Just like they say. Very comfortable, dries fast and helps keep you cool
Got this for my husband to use on vacation. He loved it so much that hes using it as his everyday wallet now.
I was looking for inexpensive cotton polo shirts to wear in the winter, primarily under other layers. The shirt would not need to be super fancy, only comfortable. This shirt wound up being perfect. It is also tagless which adds to the comfort level. This shirt has a nice long tail, so it stays tucked in. I would not recommend this shirt for wearing untucked.
The size chart was spot on! This jacket is a perfect fit and it is beautiful! Thank you FLAVOR!!!
Es perfecta el color me encanto, muy parecido a la foto
I like the purple on these Holbrooks. No squinting with these on. They fit well and do not fall off even if looking down at something.
Hanes is a good product very comfy and fits comfortably and looks great. My number one place
To buy for comfort. There stuff is good to relax and
Feel free.
Fit is a little larger than I would have liked, but considering your choices aren't actual hat sizes, and are instead XL, L, M, S, etc., I expected it wouldn't be perfect. The Navy Blue color is very dark. My wife thought it was black at first. Again, I expected that, but my wife didn't. Overall, nice quality and good value.
Slim and practical. My husband tells me at least one a week how much he loves it.
Very cheep made.
These make a huge difference when hiking and I can not recommend them enough, feet stay dry and cool during hikes
love it
So pretty. This ring was one of my favorites.
Great so far. Have used them for a couple of weeks now with no issues. Hopefully they hold up in the long run.
If you feel constricted by tight fitting underwear, these are just right. Loose knit boxers are terribly difficult to find in the store. Most boxers are either woven so that the fabric doesn't stretch very far, or tightly knit so that they feel like running shorts. If you're not running, though, why pack everything in so tightly? That's where these boxers excel. They move around with you.
The necklace for my husband looks better than real gold.
Every day wear. I was looking for a sock that performed as well as Starter Socks. These are as close as Ive been able to get.
This shirt is tight on me, does not breathe and I never wear it.
Really good looking hat!!!
I but this for my brother he loved this
I can not say enough about these sunglasses. I have never had glasses that were so light weight. The bamboo is so beautiful. It also comes with the cutest case. I live by the ocean so eye protection is very important to me. These are great protection and cute. What more could you ask for ?
I got this bag for the days I need a purse don't want to carry a typical fashion purse. This one is perfect for that. When I was purchasing this bag, I noticed that it comes in so many pretty colors. I love that the shades aren't typical colors or anything primary. It's hard to pick a favorite. However, I got the one that is called Grape. It definitely looks grapey. The color is just as rich and beautiful in person as it is online, if not more so. It makes me wish I had them all. I had my bag sitting at my feet a couple of days ago, and one of the first things my friend noticed when he sat next to me is my bag. He picked it up just to look at and comment on the nice color.

This bag is a great size. It's not an oversized bag but it's big enough to hold a whole lot of stuff. It also has many pockets. On the front of the bag, there are three zippered pockets. One is medium-large, one is medium, and one is small. There is a pouch for bottles on each side of the bag that have an elastic mouth for stretching open. The back has a medium-large sized zippered pocket too. Then there is the main compartment (also zippered) of the bag. This compartment has a medium-large size zippered pocket inside of it. It also has two pouches inside that are great for holding cell phones and things of that size. The main compartment itself has a whole lot of room. I put my entire purse's contents inside of this bag, a bottle of Benedryl, two EpiPens, some snacks, a juice pouch, etc., and I still has leftover pockets and room for more things.

Although this bag holds a lot of stuff, it is not a large bag. You're not going to feel as if you're carrying around a diaper bag. It's the size of a standard size purse and maybe an inch longer and inch wider than a standard size sheet of paper.

The carrying strap is quite long, but it's adjustable so you can make it smaller. It's made from the same sort of material that the adjustable strap pieces on school backpacks are made from. You can carry it as a crossbody bag or an over-the-shoulder bag. The purse itself is a nice material that almost reminds me of a softer version of a windbreaker jacket. It feels a bit silky. The inside material is like the inside of a canvas backpack. The bag is good quality and sewn really well. The seams are perfect, there are no threads, and there are no flaws. The zippers work perfectly too.

This bag is great for day trips to places like the beach or the zoo. It's also great for places like a festival at which you might need to carry some things but you might not want to carry a typical purse. It's also great for travel. If you have small children, this bag is great to have. It will work great as a smaller diaper bag or even a bag in which to carry snacks, toys, and other child gear. My three-year-old daughter has asthma and a peanut allergy, so I use this bag to carry all of her medications as well as my own stuff when we go out. It holds everything I need for it to hold and then some. I am very happy with it.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for product testing and a review.