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Nice heavy material and fits great.
Very well built. Not worried I`ll have to replace it in a few months.
It appears in the picture to have a fly and there is none.
I h ave purchased many pairs of Hanes boxer briefs in the past. It's my standard underwear. I'm not sure if these were made by the jolly green giant or if I made a trip through the looking glass. These boxers are enormous. I have sweatpants that are a tighter fit. I will be returning them.
Fits size 10.5 foot as expected. Material is breathable, soft, stretchy, and medium thickness. The material is thicker in the foot area, and then thinner going up the leg. hugs the arch of your foot, and has a groove to fit the heel of your foot.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my review, or if you have found it of any help to you.
More than enough room!
For the price, you cant beat it. However, the cord necklace doesnt fit through the eye of the charms but its okay because I prefer the chain. Also, the glue is the slightest bit sloppy but doesnt bother me. I also think the jade is actually green aventurine but Im okay with either! They are genuine.
its an awkward size thats not for me.
Lightweight, hardly know it's there.
Very nicely made
These are really great socks.
It is a nice looking small wallet, but, in fact, it is too small and does not hold the number of cards mentioned in the description online.
I discovered neck gaiters during the pandemic and fell in love, they're so comfortable and versatile. Buffs are slightly thicker material and longer than Kingree, which I like a lot, but it REALLY affects the price. You literally get like 10 Kingree for the price of one Buff. Still, you never know how handy those extra couple of inches will be till you need them.

This merino wool Buff is very soft and thin, no irritation even after hours of wearing, I don't even notice it's there. As a mask, the merino is long enough to make four layers across my nose and mouth (can do three with the Kingrees), and I can even slip a paper filter in between the layers if I need more protection, and it stays in place pretty well, even if I pull it up and down. Very easy to breathe through. I love that the wool ones are printed on both sides, or at least not white on the inside. Hate the Buff logo, it's always inconveniently placed, and I like that Kingrees don't typically have them.

Seems to expand a little from body heat, making it slip a tiny bit, then reshapes itself after it's been off for a few hours. I will update this review if this really stretches out of shape as some have suggested, but for now it's great, my favorite gaiter yet.
Great quality, got the look I wanted with this.
great for price of $10 when it was on sale
Love them
They do hold'em up.
Bought for my husband. He seems to like them just fine. They arrived quickly and fit just as expected.
They're actually nothing special. I realize for the cost I can't complain, but I was hoping for a little more cushion. I won't be buying anymore of them, but they're not bad.
Love the size, color and quality of this bag!! Excellent for the price.
These are good no shows socks.
Good price point and hey - it's Hanes underwear.
Pretty good pair of glasses. They look good and are classic. Never goes out of style.
Cute. Good buy
Warm but is uncomfortable when pulled around face very tight
I wear 36-38 underwear and this was too small for me. I'd want something one size up 38-40 but they don't make that :(
The material is very thin. Expected to be padded inside
I like it very much!!!étique-Portables-Organisateur-Fermeture-glissière