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Solid belt. Well made and looks great!
Super impressed at the quality of these sunglasses. Fantastic price as well. Bought as a gift !
Love them
Not the easiest wallet to use.
Like it
It fits perfectly. I am 5'8" and 240 lbs, I do have a bigger butt and thighs than normal, so I needed to get my jeans loose. Very happy
Perfect fit and quality as always
Good fit, clean, and everything a hat should be
I used to wear Calvin Klein boxer briefs exclusively as the fit was perfect, they were comfortable and durable. Over time it became more difficult to justify the price as it crept up beyond $20 and then $25. I recently went for a pair of Calvin Klein Men's Modern Modal Boxer Brief, Black, Medium, which I thought were great. They fit as expected and were super comfortable, which is why I was surprised that this 3 pack was a completely opposite experience. Granted these are trunks versus boxer briefs, so I expected shorter underwear. However, the medium fit was so tight that it cut into my thighs as I was walking, and were incredibly tight on my backside. Surprising as I am I am 5' 8", 160 lbs with a 32" waist.

I only wore them for a few hours, and at one point I actually contemplated going to the bathroom and throwing them away as it would have been more comfortable to have no underwear. While these are marketed as microfiber, the material appears to be mostly polyester, so the fabric does not allow your skin to breathe comfortably. I ended up throwing out all three pairs as I just could not see wearing these in the future. I would highly recommend other Calvin Klein underwear, such as the modal material I referenced at the beginning of the review. However, if you want to wear something comfortable I would look elsewhere.
Could be made a little more thicker.
I got the sky blue color. It is vibrant and gorgeous! The purse can actually holds quite a bit without looking like one of those grandma bags. The various zippered compartments make it easy to stay organized.
I bought the same size (2XL) and similar style of three brands of active mesh shorts with pockets: Russell Athletic (, Champion (, and Starter (found in-store at Walmart).

I typically wear size 48 or 50 (48 is typically snug, 50 a tad loose). All three of these products advertise 2XL as fitting sizes 46-48. Due to the stretchiness, I found all three fit more forgivingly than my typical size, but otherwise were true to size. All three are very comfortable.

For length, the starter are the shortest (but not embarrassingly so), Champion has a medium length, and Russell comes just past my knee.

All three are slightly see-through (Starter least so), but not enough so that anyone could see anything from a casual inspection, especially if you wear similar colors underneath. I got all dark colors (either Navy or Black), so YMMV with lighter colors.

Of the three, I prefer the fit of the Russell Athletic the most. Champion tends to slip down in the back, as does the Starter to slightly a lesser degree. Because of this, with both the Champion and Starter I have to be very careful of the weight I put in the pockets; putting in my phone, wallet, and keys will make both brands quickly end up on the floor, whereas in the Russell I had no trouble walking around carrying all of those items. I have not tried running with that much weight yet. I still like both the Starter and Champion enough to keep them, but I would buy Russell next time instead.
To large
I love my new purse. Easy to get things in and out. Well made and durable.
Good item for the value
Love this Jacket. I bought 3 of them for all the family to enjoy ! It fits perfectly. It is never too hot nor too cold in it. When it rains, rain beads up and dries very quickly. You cant go wrong with this jacket
Awesome hat! Nice quality not too hot to wear for sports!
Fit perfectly. I bought dark grey, and they didn't fade
All i spect
Was expecting it to be gold but it came silver love the necklace though
These things just feel cheap and fit very poorly. Probably would be fine for high schoolers who haven't had any boxers made of better quality.
I have been months sinc e I bought, I will recommend because the low price and good quality
These are good quality jeans. They are not punk, low cut, tight fitting, or faded, so if that is what you are looking for, you won't want these. But if you want comfortable, rugged, well built jeans at a reasonable price, these will serve you well.
Outfits too big
i've purchased two of these. the large was too big (could be blown off by a stiff wind) and the medium was head squeezingly small. thankfully i'm about to frankenstein the medium one, because it is 100% unwearable the way it is.
He loves this pants
I was excited when I got it 2 years ago. I am happy with this product.
Real leather, good guality. Recommend for everyone.