Extremely lightweight, breathable, and stretchy- it's the perfect warm-weather face covering for running and biking. I wear mine around my neck and simply pull it up over my nose and mouth when I am near others (hey that's the world we live in).
Comfortable and durable
Nice shirt in the sun. As a bonus very visible at night when walking my dog
Very satisfied..
Husband loves it!
Great quality. Worth the price and theyre very sexy on my hubby!
These are bulkier and stiffer than others I've used. They work fine though.
Was a cotton On kind of fellow and I bought a goodthreads shirt and loved it...so I decided to try their T shirts! Amazing stuff, the cotton is so soft! The fit is perfect, the length and width feels great! I only have one problem, can they make more? They sold out faster than ice on a hot summer day.
Came in the wrong size was on package hopefully the fit my husband
They color, more of a coral which I love! Fast shipping, the purse is sturdy and just the right size to fit everything I need.
Comfortable and great at sweat wicking
Size 2-3 is slightly snug on my small/average size 1 1/2 year old. Colors/patterns were slightly different than pictured. Cotton was soft enough and these will be fine for potty training, just wish they ran more true to size - would be easier for her to pull up and down if a little looser.
Great cheap robe!
Nothing to dislike.
Excellent the best.....
Producto excelente
I love the quality and sturdiness of this bag! AMAZING! <3
I needed some new hat's for work was really not expected to get the best quality but yes they are.
For the price will order more.
The sizes are at work are you expect
Looks great for the price. On slight comment is the bag is flimsy when you are taking things out of bag & items fall.
Was to get on, good quality, good price
Only ever worn Ray-Bans in my life. This pair is disappointing as the ear pieces are loose and tend to turn and slide off. For glasses well over 100 dollars I expect more.
Muy buena calidad , mi hijo le ayudo mucho ahora sus lentes se mantienen en su lugar , elnse puede agachar,correr si preocuparse . Aunque tardo como 2 dias en poder poner se los lentes con rapidez, por que los plasticos hacen un poco dificil ese paso . Pero ya despues lo hacen rapido ,minhijo tiene 10 aos
I love Flexfit hats!
The sweatshirt is very short and barely comes to my husbands hips - once it shrinks - as all sweatshirts do - it will be too short. I was going to return it but my dog ate the packaging :(
I love it
They look great. Wish I opted for the biggest size!!
Cool socks
This would have received 5 Stars except for the unpleasant odor of the lining which is still airing out and with use will probably take on my own fragrances!!!!
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