Size's run big.
These are very good handkerchiefs. The quality of the material's, the finish and the size all exceeded my expectations. Now that I've seen them (and already paid for them), I would have paid twice as much.
Love it wish I had got one sooner
I bought this for my mother, because she has a hard time finding the card she needs. this is perfect because it allows you to see, without having to fumble through to find the one you want, and keeps everything neatly organized! she loves it!
Ordered two pair. One pair fit perfectly as expected, but second pair (marked with identical size) was 3 inches shorter. Awaiting replacement. Hoping for correct size. Great jeans if you get correct size.
Good quality just what i needed
Fits and shines like an old school sports jacket.
Pros: The fit is perfect. The material is great. They feel great while working out.
Con: Hopefully this doesn't happen again but 1 of the shirts was actually an XL even tho I bought L. Once I put it on I had to do a double take. It was very baggy. Also, one of the shirts began falling apart at the seem in the armpit.
Nice glasses for the money. The blue ones are not as dark as the black lens ones. Ive bought 3 pair. But only because Ive sat on them or stepped on them. Very good product highly recommend
Protects my cards.
nice socks, will keep foot warm
These are good value for money.
The tagless is a bunch of hype. It's one less steep in the manufacturing of boxer shorts as well as other undergarments and Hanes is trying to sell us a bill of goods. Has the cost gone down? no but even with M/J doing the commercials their bottom ling has gone up
The shirts fit good and feel great, which I don't find too often. I use these for my work attire, and will more than likely order more in the near future.
So cute and nice but the wings of the angel is a little bit sharp !
And as far as I can tell breathable.
using for woodworking, might as well look good
Nice and warm. A sturdy jacket for cool winter mornings.
A little thin material wise
Solid color, doesn't fade
Very good quality.
This was a gift. My nephew does not drive and needs to walk to get his groceries etc. During this cold snap we have been having he could not go out. I ordered this mask for him and he said it helped.
I really enjoy these socks. They aren't super heavy and thick like a lot of wool socks, but they are plenty warm. My feet don't get sweaty in them and odor is not an issue with these. I will be buying more happily.
This is a wide thick leather belt, my husband wears it with jeans more of a CASUAL belt not for dress pants/office look. However it is a well made belt. The color is exact as pictured.
I really like these Maui Jim sunglasses. They are a replacement for a pair that got lost and I wouldn't wear anything else.
nice fit
Quality leather. Fits USD notes perfectly. Not a ton of room for cards, but the slimness of the wallet is worth it.
Super convenient, fits nicely into my pocket, and has plenty of card slots..
Has several dark spots on the lense after only owning a few months. Will not wipe away... almost seems like the pink coating is wiping off the lense.
very stylish hat, well made, great for fishing