custom t shirt diy

I sized way up to be safe, as often needs to be the case with Asian manufacture. Even so, they turned out to be a smidge snug in the thighs and package areas, but thanks to the spandex component still wearable and comfortable. Mind you I have thick thighs, so slim cuts are something I usually avoid unless, like these pants, there's more stretch. My man-bits are on the small side in their resting state, though, so my recommendation for guys well-endowed is to either size up or be prepared to try them on and possibly return them for being too snug. As always, I'll follow up with anything notable happens over the long-term and no news is good news.

I had roughly the same experience with Agile Sport brand, which I purchased at the same time, hoping that at least one or the other pair I could keep. I like them both. :)
I love these socks. Very thick. They are really comfortable and warm. Excellent quality.
Loved it! Great quality!
soft and very comfortable!
Just the right size... not too big and shoulder strap is great to be hands free
Fit perfectly and easy
This is a wonderful hat that gives plenty of protection.
Def compresses the feet. Great for 12.5 hours worth of work.
Love these earring. But every once in a while the post won't go through. Not a problem with any other earrings. But tbey are beautiful when i am able to wear them
Good shirt won't blow you away.
I don't know what they changed but the jeans that came out in around 2016 Flex were so much better because the material of the whole jean was somewhat elastic so you had mobility in the legs. This version of the jean is very stiff.
feel great, look great too!
These polo shirts are extremely comfortable. I wore this for a training class that I needed to have some polo shirts for. These shirts are lightweight and do not wrinkle nearly as quickly as the traditional polo shirt material
Absolutely the WORST socks I have ever owned. They all fell apart and ripped on the bottoms within a few months.
Been using it for 2 months no complaints here
Good deal
Great quality
Looks great
Awesome belt! The ratcheting system allows minute adjustments and is so easy to use. The belt and buckle are both solidly made and very attractive without the eye holes. Should have bought one of these years ago and will never go back to a traditional belt.
Great handbag, very sturdy with plenty of room,can easily carry a table and still have plenty of space for other things, looks as close to leather as you can get.
Quality is fine- they are just super tiny! I ordered a 4/5t for my 4 year old and they are belly shirts on her.
So colorful and such a favorite
Perfect gift for my Granddaughter
I received these a few days ago and today is my first time wearing them. I'm satisfied with the quality and comfort, and them staying attached to my shirt and socks; however I was not able to adjust them short enough so they don't quite keep my shirt tucked in as well as I would like. If I can figure out how to shorten them more I may keep them, if not I'll try another option.
The price was right, but the underwear fabric is on the thin side.
Love it. Can't wait to purchase another
Very nice leather wallet
Have bought these a few times, as I wear them regularly.
Shirts are sturdier than the cheap wally-world tees. Half-way to the weight to my favorite carhartts.
bought for BF. he loves them - hes slim but muscular and lean. shirts fit perfect and he loves to wear them.
Impressed by the quality for the price. True to size. Sleeves fit right about the elbow. Perfect length. Nice material. Cannot go wrong with these!