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My son said it was perfect! I was able to see it and it was very slim. It is of good quality and smelled like leather. Very pleased.
Fits nice and feels good
This bag is great. Im taking one star off because in person the colors are not as rich as the photo. I have the black/taupe for reference. Its still really nice and Ill get much use out of it. Plus, it was on lightning deal so I only paid about $10.
Great socks, not too thin or thick. Seems to be good quality that should hold for a good amount of time.
I bought this hat for a fishing/hiking trip that I took recently. The hat fit as expected, which is to say a little bit too large because I'm a small woman with a very small head (I generally buy children's hats). I bought the smallest size they had and it wasn't so huge that I couldn't wear it, which I consider to be a success. It had a good weight and didn't blow off of my head even though it was rather windy at times, but neither was it so heavy that I felt like a bobble head doll. And you have to's a rather good looking hat (although my better half doesn't seem to share that opinion for some reason :/ ). I'm going to have to do more outdoor activities just so I can find excuses to wear it.
Love it gorgeous.
I love this purse! I love it so much I have stopped carrying a bulky wallet. There is a place for everything and it's not sloppy. I can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body. The top zipper is easy enough to secure - mind you, it's not super easy otherwise the pickpockets would get it open in a flash. But there is a zipper compartment inside that is perfect place to stash your cash or passport or whatever. I ordered the black - it goes with everything. It's a bit smaller than my former travel bag - the CitySafe 200 - which I've found lately to be just too big to haul around. This Travelon is the perfect size. Thank you Amazon & Travelon!
I love it!
Decided to purchase this due to my beard. Having to wear masks into most businesses these days was doing a number on my beard. This worked great and was comfortable to wear as well! I also have used it to work in my yard mowing the lawn, weeding etc to keep the dust out of my nose and mouth and it was perfect!
I've been using them for a few weeks and the quality of the product is very good while functioning perfectly while biking long distances. They apparently have 100% uv protection which is a plus because I don't even realize I'm wearing them as they are so clear
I enjoy these
They leave black lint everywhere no matter how many times you wash them. They have ruined by carpets and I spent hours picking little pieces of lint out of the carpet every week. Im planning to throw them out. Absolute waste of money
Great everyday hat! I've been wearing it almost every day since I received it.
Im 5 10 175 lbs, waist 33 and a size large fits me perfectly. Quality material and very comfortable for my high intensity workouts. I will be purchasing another set.
they fot my oakleys
FALSE DESCRIPTION! We really miss the "Costco" socks like many others so thought we'd try these. The description shows these are 81% cotton/ 13% polyester/ 5% nylon/ 1% spandex. WRONG! We received 53% polyester/ 41% cotton/ 5% nylon and 1% spandex. Not good quality at all! Some are so large they are comical, and others are "normal" sized. Crazy! Pass on these and maybe try the Under Armour instead, they aren't so bad.
Very cute/beautiful, using to replace a gucci strap Waller that doesn't fit every occasion. I chose the pinkinsh color that is half price compared to the other colors. I don't know why it's so cheap because it look very cute while being durable.
Two pair had holes in them
What can I say, I love this bag! After my previous purse started to tear up, I decided to downsize to something that wouldn't feel so hard on my shoulder after a couple hours of walking around with it.

I was actually hesitant at first at getting this one because I'm very particular about my purses, one of which is the main compartment must be zippable (I'm a bit paranoid about someone easily reaching into it, or it getting flipped upside down and everything falls out, etc.) However, once I read that the zippers on the front actually worked and was another compartment where I could store my more personal stuff, I was sold (along with loving the style, the silver hardware, and it being made of leather). Now I just need to find a pocket umbrella to fit inside.
Great fit!
Good fabric quality! Fits very nice!
They exfoliate wonderfully. I get horrible ingrown hairs all over my legs whenever I shave them, but after using these for a while, the amount I've had has definitely decreased. Plus it makes you feel that much cleaner when you get the dead skin that's clinging on, off.
Fun watch for my 9 year old. Quick delivery!
No more tight feeling around the waist. Stretches when I stretch. Comfortable.
Looks good too.
Like the new wristband; they used to be velcro and now they are standard bands, i got it for my youngest daugther and she loves it
Fits well, but runs a bit slow. Fine for a kid who will likely break or lose it.
I like that they asked personally (instead of through a vendor) about their product and their quality. I also got the item a day early, which was very much appreciated