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the color was a lot darker than what is pictured
Good product
I love this bag! I got it for an upcoming trip to Europe, as I needed something sturdy and can hold lots of things. I've only been using it for two days, but I'm so in love with it. The multiple pockets are great for storing all kinds of stuff and the bag itself feels solid.
I buy these jeans on a regular basis. I buy them exclusively. What more recommendation could I make?
Not size I expected
Perfect fit and they work well for me - comfort and all...
They are dark and lightweight. For me, those are good qualities.
My 2nd pair of Maui Jim's. Love them! The first pair I had for 8yrs.
Nice for smaller faces. Just wish I had purchased the black frames.
Arrived quickly.
Plain is good
Not at all what I was expecting as far as "assorted" goes. Was expecting the patterns and colors from the photo. False advertisement. I will be updating once I wash to see if they are true to size. Very disappointed.
it's was a good purchase, except that does not fit perfectly on my face :(

cannot make adjustments on this's a bit loose :(
This is a lovely charm it is classy and elegant
They fitted as expected and were just below OK in comfort level. I don't know what's happened with these! They sued to be great and now are under par with quality and comfort. It took me 5-6 washes to get all the black left over sock material out of the inner sock it's self. Now my toe nails are exposed from only a few months. I keep them well trimmed! WTH!
Was a little larger than I expected. But the bag is nice.
Great tee shirt. This is not a thin tee shirt.
Great vest. Just note that it runs small as per US standards. My M size was more like a S.
So far so good. Only had it for a week. I hope the straps don't come off. But I love it.
I love these shirts. Im a female, but I bought them to wear at the gym because I dont like tight-fitting workout clothes. They feel very comfortable, and they fit just as I was hoping. Super breathable and quick-drying.

My only grief is that I got them maybe 2 months ago, and they are already starting to come apart in the seams under the arms. I was super disappointed when I noticed this poor quality.

To be honest, Im probably going to keep replacing them with the same shirts because I love them so much. But if youre looking for something that lasts longer, Id look elsewhere.
Pretty, but studs are exceptionally long.
It is beautiful and my Sister loved it!
Nice shorts
These socks are the best ones ive bought in years. They fit well, not too tight and nkt too loose. The material seems durable and has stood up to working in them.
They were as described and I followed another buyer advise and checked everything he said to look for to make sure the are real and everything checked out! Happy with the purchase!
Love this hat protects my head every day from the Sun.
Its comfy and the inside is soft. Its great for mild California winters or cold springs elsewhere. Im wearing it now.
I've been looking for ages to replace a very old wallet. This is just perfect.
I purchased these shorts to start a home workout program. The shorts are standard shorts but I have a few complaints.
#1 - Minimal hold elastic band and draw string. Im comparing these shorts to the Russell mesh shorts and the Russells have an elastic band that can hold up without cinching the draw string for normal "walking around the home" type of activities. The champions are just way too loose and the draw string needs to be double-knotted just to stay in place.
#2 - THEY ARE HUGE! Im a big waisted dude. Im currently 42" waist and I ordered an XL. These things would fit a 46"+ waist minimum just to stay up without the draw string.
#3 - Price. They are cheaper than the other pair I have... so that is the only thing going for these shorts.

Bottomline, I will not be purchasing this brand due to the issues I have experienced and will stick with the other brand. I just dont want to do a workout with the concern that my shorts are about to fall off or I have to constantly pull them up during an extraneous exercise. I definitely cant treadmill or run in these shorts, even when I have them double-knotted, so I have to wear the others on those days.
maybe just a little to much room.
Awesome! Nuff said!