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Embroidered Basic Tee | 100% Cotton T-Shirt
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Embroidered 50/50 T-Shirt
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Embroidered 50/50 Jersey Polo Shirt
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Pants fit as expected, top is a little large but it is not a fitted top. Washed it before wearing and it lost it's stiffness.
When my computer llegevage son got a new part time job I wanted to give him a couple polo shirts to wear because his employer only provides one. He works 12+ hours three days in a row on weekends and doesnt really have time for laundry between shifts. He likes the fit and comfort of these.
I was looking for a thicker cushion sole. These looked like great socks but they were too thin for me so I returned them. Returning was easy thanks to Amazon's great return system.
They look very nice. Cable holds a shape sometimes which I'm not a big fan of. I put them in a case with mo costas when not in use to keep the glasses protected. When I taken them out they hold the shape sometimes of being in the case.
These socks are really thick and nice. They are snug around the foot (in a good way). Only minus are the pilling and the s ize range. I wear 10.5 and tge grey heel shows if I pull them up tight.
its an amazing backpack to substitute a purse
Why do they insist on putting their advertising on the socks? I have no desire to read advertising every time I put on my socks.
I really like this wallet. Makes it so easy to keep everything organized. I love the shade of pink. It's nice and bright so I can always find it in my purse or workday easily. Very happy with my purchase.
Got many compliments on them!
Purchased for son to use while he is playing baseball. He loves them.
Really nice
I don't like handbags, totes, or crossbodies, and I definitely don't like wallets. I was preparing for the worst, thinking it would be a huge wallet, "it being the first time I bought a wallet and all". It's so pretty and the size is just right, and I love, love, love it!! I'm definitely buying other colors. ( Maybe I'll buy a bag to go with it who knows.)
These sunglasses seem to be very good value, but, I have occasionally seen the reflection of my eye in the lens. I do like how the indention of the case keeps the glasses from tumbling around.
Could be a little longer in the legs
Same as off the shelf, easy to order and get
These fit my boyfriend perfectly. They are really soft and fuzzy, and overall just good quality sweatpants. They look really nice too!
Im enjoying it. Thank you
Great bag at a great price.
Works great
Great material. Bought them for pajamas. Fit as expected. Would recommend.
OMG... it's gorgeous, I get so many compliments!!! I really love the colors and hire study this tote is!
Its an okay bag
so bummed. i was excited to use this handle lid, but now the handle is gone. no more. farewell. so long. used this lid maybe 4 times.
You get what you pay for with these bracelets so keep that in mind when purchasing. They do run a bit small as other reviews have mentioned so beware as you could easily overstretch them taking them off and on resulting in them breaking. Also, the smaller beaded bracelets show immediate signs of wear as the color chips off of them even with gentle use for a weekend jaunt to the grocery store. There is one bracelet that has a clasp and it broke within 2 gentle uses. Of all the bracelets in the set it was my least favorite so no harm no foul but still would have expected a bit more durability. All in all, they are probably best used for a quick accent piece for a dinner out. Other than that, wearing them to work and having them make contact with a keyboard or a desk for a good deal of your day will probably result in small chips. I am keeping them in reserve for those times when I won't subject them to much wear and tear as I do like the way the combination looks and want to try to preserve them for as long as I can or atleast until I feel I have gotten my moneys worth out of themm
Has faded already
This is a great wallet. I like to wear my wallet in my front pocket, so finding the right wallet that is slim and provides enough slots for everything I carry is difficult. This wallet hit all my marks. It is very well made. Nothing tore or peeled away as I began filling it up. It stayed slim and is the perfect size. Another great feature is the money clip. Ive had wallets of similar design before but none had as strong a magnet as the Claasico. It really holds my money in place. I will definitely buy again when the time comes.
These glasses were purchased to wear to a retro party and they were great, in fact they were much nicer then expected.
They have very sturdy frames and looks more expensive then they were. Great buy.
If you are looking for a purse with a lot of room.This is it,has pockets both inside and out,with an adjustable.
strap.Soft faux leather,and is lightweight this is good for the price that I paid.
I bought these same t-shirts a couple years ago and the material was a lot thicker before. I still have my old ones and they don't even compare. They are wearable but I'm a little disappointed. The new ones (size L) are slightly smaller than before as well.
Great for protecting your iPhone. Inexpensive.